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/* FreeTDS - Library of routines accessing Sybase and Microsoft databases
 * Copyright (C) 1998-1999  Brian Bruns
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Library General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the
 * Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 * Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

#ifndef _sybdb_h_
#define _sybdb_h_

#include "tds.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#if 0

static char  rcsid_sybdb_h [ ] =
"$Id: sybdb.h,v 1.39 2002/12/10 22:10:39 jklowden Exp $";
static void *no_unused_sybdb_h_warn[]={rcsid_sybdb_h, no_unused_sybdb_h_warn};

#ifdef FALSE
#undef FALSE
#ifdef TRUE
#undef TRUE
#define FALSE 0
#define TRUE  1

#define DBSAVE   1
#define DBNOSAVE 0
#define DBNOERR  -1

#define INT_EXIT   0
#define INT_CONTINUE 1
#define INT_CANCEL 2
#define INT_TIMEOUT 3

#define DBMAXNUMLEN 33
#define DBMAXNAME   30

 * DBVERSION_xxx are used with dbsetversion()
#define DBVERSION_46      1
#define DBVERSION_100     2
#define DBVERSION_42      3
#define DBVERSION_70      4
#define DBVERSION_80      5

/* these two are defined by Microsoft for dbsetlversion() */
#define DBVER42     DBVERSION_42
#define DBVER60     DBVERSION_70    /* our best approximation */

 * DBTDS_xxx are returned by DBTDS()
 * The integer values of the constants are poorly chosen.  
#define DBTDS_UNKNOWN           0
#define DBTDS_2_0               1       /* pre 4.0 SQL Server */
#define DBTDS_3_4               2       /* Microsoft SQL Server (3.0) */
#define DBTDS_4_0               3       /* 4.0 SQL Server */
#define DBTDS_4_2               4       /* 4.2 SQL Server */
#define DBTDS_4_6               5       /* 2.0 OpenServer and 4.6 SQL Server. */
#define DBTDS_4_9_5             6       /* 4.9.5 (NCR) SQL Server */
#define DBTDS_5_0               7       /* 5.0 SQL Server */
#define DBTDS_7_0               8       /* Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 */
#define DBTDS_8_0               9       /* Microsoft SQL Server 2000 */

#define DBTXPLEN 16

#define BCPMAXERRS 1
#define BCPFIRST 2
#define BCPLAST 3
#define BCPBATCH 4

#define BCPLABELED 5
#define     BCPHINTS 6

typedef int  RETCODE;

typedef void       DBCURSOR;
typedef void       DBXLATE;
typedef void       DBSORTORDER;
typedef void       DBLOGINFO;
typedef void      *DBVOIDPTR;
typedef short      SHORT;
typedef unsigned short  USHORT;
typedef int (*INTFUNCPTR)(void *, ...);
typedef int (*DBWAITFUNC)(void);
typedef DBWAITFUNC      (*DB_DBBUSY_FUNC)(void *dbproc);
typedef void      (*DB_DBIDLE_FUNC)(DBWAITFUNC dfunc, void *dbproc);
typedef int (*DB_DBCHKINTR_FUNC)(void *dbproc);
typedef int (*DB_DBHNDLINTR_FUNC)(void *dbproc);

#ifndef __INCvxWorksh
/* VxWorks already defines STATUS and BOOL. Compiler gets mad if you 
** redefine them. */
/* __INCvxWorksh will get #defined by std. include files included from tds.h
#ifdef STATUS
/* On DU4.0d we get a conflicting STATUS definition from arpa/nameser.h
   when _REENTRANT is defined.
#undef STATUS
typedef int STATUS;
typedef unsigned char BOOL ;

typedef unsigned char DBBOOL ;
typedef unsigned char DBTINYINT ;
typedef TDS_INT DBINT   ;
typedef unsigned char DBBINARY ;
typedef TDS_FLOAT DBFLT8  ;
typedef unsigned short DBUSMALLINT ;

#ifdef MSDBLIB

typedef struct {
      TDSLOGIN *tds_login;

typedef unsigned char BYTE;

typedef struct  dbtypeinfo
        DBINT   precision;
        DBINT   scale;

typedef struct tag_DBPROC_ROWBUF
   int      buffering_on;    /* (boolean) is row buffering turned on?     */
   int      first_in_buf;    /* result set row number of first row in buf */
   int      next_row;        /* result set row number of next row         */
   int      newest;          /* index of most recent item in queue        */
   int      oldest;          /* index of least recent item in queue       */
   int      elcount;         /* max element count that buffer can hold    */
   int      element_size;    /* size in bytes of each element in queue    */
   int      rows_in_buf;     /* # of rows currently in buffer             */
   void    *rows;            /* pointer to the row storage                */

typedef struct {
      int       host_column;
    void    *host_var;
      int       datatype;
      int       prefix_len;
      DBINT   column_len;
      BYTE  *terminator;
      int       term_len;
    int     tab_colnum;

typedef struct {
      int            tab_colnum;
      char       db_name[256]; /* column name */
      TDS_SMALLINT db_minlen;
      TDS_SMALLINT db_maxlen;
      TDS_SMALLINT db_colcnt; /* I dont know what this does */
      TDS_TINYINT  db_type;
      TDS_TINYINT  db_type_save;
      TDS_SMALLINT db_usertype;
      TDS_TINYINT  db_varint_size;
      TDS_INT            db_length; /* size of field according to database */
      TDS_TINYINT  db_nullable;
      TDS_TINYINT  db_status;
      TDS_SMALLINT db_offset;
      TDS_TINYINT  db_default;
      TDS_TINYINT  db_prec;
      TDS_TINYINT  db_scale;
    TDS_SMALLINT db_flags;
      TDS_INT            db_size; 
      TDS_TINYINT  db_unicodedata;
    char         db_collate[5];
      long  data_size;
      BYTE  *data;
      int       txptr_offset;

struct dbstring
      BYTE *strtext;
      DBINT strtotlen;
      struct dbstring *strnext;
typedef struct dbstring DBSTRING;

/* a large list of options, DBTEXTSIZE is needed by sybtcl */
#define DBPARSEONLY    0
#define DBESTIMATE     1
#define DBSHOWPLAN     2
#define DBNOEXEC       3
#define DBNOCOUNT      5
#define DBARITHABORT   6
#define DBTEXTLIMIT    7
#define DBBROWSE       8
#define DBOFFSET       9
#define DBSTAT        10
#define DBERRLVL      11
#define DBCONFIRM     12
#define DBSTORPROCID  13
#define DBBUFFER      14
#define DBNOAUTOFREE  15
#define DBROWCOUNT    16
#define DBTEXTSIZE    17
#define DBNATLANG     18
#define DBDATEFORMAT  19
#define DBPRPAD       20
#define DBPRCOLSEP    21
#define DBPRLINELEN   22
#define DBPRLINESEP   23
#define DBLFCONVERT   24
#define DBDATEFIRST   25
#define DBCHAINXACTS  26
#define DBFIPSFLAG    27
#define DBISOLATION   28
#define DBAUTH        29
#define DBIDENTITY    30
#define DBNOIDCOL     31
#define DBDATESHORT   32

#define DBNUMOPTIONS  33

#define DBPADOFF       0
#define DBPADON        1

#define OFF            0
#define ON             1

#define NOSUCHOPTION   2

#define MAXOPTTEXT    32

struct dboption
      char opttext[MAXOPTTEXT];
      DBSTRING *optparam;
      DBUSMALLINT optstatus;
      DBBOOL optactive;
      struct dboption *optnext;
typedef struct dboption DBOPTION;

/* linked list of rpc parameters */

typedef struct _DBREMOTE_PROC_PARAM
      struct _DBREMOTE_PROC_PARAM 
      char        *name;
      BYTE        status;
      int         type;
      DBINT       maxlen;
      DBINT       datalen;
      BYTE        *value;

 * TODO: DBPROCESS has an implicit substructure of bcp-related
 * variables.  Go through bcp.c et. al. changing e.g.:
 *    dbproc->bcp_direction
 * to
 *    dbproc->bcp.direction
 * When all references are changed, delete the DBPROCESS member.  

typedef struct {
      char        *hint;
      /* The members below still need work, see TODO, above.  */
      TDS_CHAR    *hostfile;
      TDS_CHAR    *errorfile;
      TDS_CHAR    *tablename;
      TDS_CHAR    *insert_stmt;
      TDS_INT           direction;
      TDS_INT           colcount;
      TDS_INT           host_colcount;
      BCP_COLINFO **columns;
      BCP_HOSTCOLINFO   **host_columns;
      TDS_INT           firstrow;
      TDS_INT           lastrow;
      TDS_INT           maxerrs;
      TDS_INT           batch;
#     endif

typedef struct _DBREMOTE_PROC
      struct _DBREMOTE_PROC
      char *name;
      DBSMALLINT options;
      DBREMOTE_PROC_PARAM *param_list;

typedef struct {
   TDSSOCKET        *tds_socket ;
   DBPROC_ROWBUF   row_buf;
   int             noautofree;
   int             more_results; /* boolean.  Are we expecting results? */
   int             empty_result; /* boolean.  has dbsqlok eaten the results ? */
   BYTE           *user_data;   /* see dbsetuserdata() and dbgetuserdata() */
   unsigned char  *dbbuf; /* is dynamic!                   */
   int             dbbufsz;
   TDS_INT         text_size;   
   TDS_INT         text_sent;
   TDS_CHAR        *bcp_hostfile;
   TDS_CHAR        *bcp_errorfile;
   TDS_CHAR        *bcp_tablename;
   TDS_CHAR        *bcp_insert_stmt;
   TDS_INT         bcp_direction;
   TDS_INT         bcp_colcount;
   TDS_INT         host_colcount;
   BCP_COLINFO     **bcp_columns;
   BCP_HOSTCOLINFO **host_columns;
   TDS_INT         firstrow;
   TDS_INT         lastrow;
   TDS_INT         maxerrs;
   TDS_INT         bcpbatch;
   TDS_INT         sendrow_init;
   TDS_INT         var_cols;
   DBTYPEINFO      typeinfo;
   unsigned char   avail_flag;
   DBOPTION        *dbopts;
   DBSTRING        *dboptcmd;
   DBBULKCOPY        bcp;     /* see TODO, above */
   DBREMOTE_PROC   *rpc;      
   DBUSMALLINT     envchange_rcv;
   char            dbcurdb[DBMAXNAME + 1];
   char            servcharset[DBMAXNAME + 1];

typedef struct dbdaterec
#ifndef MSDBLIB
      DBINT dateyear;
      DBINT datemonth;
      DBINT datedmonth;
      DBINT datedyear;
      DBINT datedweek;
      DBINT datehour;
      DBINT dateminute;
      DBINT datesecond;
      DBINT datemsecond;
      DBINT datetzone;
      DBINT year;
      DBINT month;
      DBINT day;
      DBINT dayofyear;
      DBINT weekday;
      DBINT hour;
      DBINT minute;
      DBINT second;
      DBINT millisecond;
      DBINT tzone;

typedef int (*EHANDLEFUNC) (DBPROCESS *dbproc, int severity, int dberr, int oserr, char *dberrstr, char *oserrstr);

typedef int (*MHANDLEFUNC) (DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT msgno, int msgstate, int severity, char *msgtext, char *srvname, char *proc, int line);

/* dbpoll() result codes, sybtcl needs DBRESULT */
#define DBRESULT       1
#define DBTIMEOUT      3
#define DBINTERRUPT    4

/* more sybtcl needs: */
#define DBTXTSLEN    8

/* bind types */
#define CHARBIND          0
#define STRINGBIND        1
#define NTBSTRINGBIND     2
#define VARYCHARBIND      3
#define TINYBIND          6
#define SMALLBIND         7
#define INTBIND           8
#define FLT8BIND          9
#define REALBIND          10
#define DATETIMEBIND      11
#define MONEYBIND         13
#define SMALLMONEYBIND    14
#define BINARYBIND        15
#define BITBIND           16
#define NUMERICBIND       17
#define DECIMALBIND       18

#define DBPRCOLSEP  21
#define DBPRLINELEN 22

#define REG_ROW         -1
#define MORE_ROWS       -1
#define NO_MORE_ROWS    -2
#define BUF_FULL        -3
#define SUCCEED         1
#define FAIL            0

#define DB_IN  1
#define DB_OUT 2

#define DBSINGLE 0
#define DBDOUBLE 1
#define DBBOTH   2

/* remote procedure call (rpc) options */
#define DBRPCRESET ((DBSMALLINT) 0x0002)

DBBOOL db12hour(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *language);
BYTE *dbadata(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
DBINT dbadlen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
RETCODE dbaltbind(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int computeid, int column, int vartype, DBINT varlen, BYTE *varaddr);
RETCODE dbaltbind_ps(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int computeid, int column, int vartype, DBINT varlen, BYTE *varaddr, DBTYPEINFO *typeinfo);
int dbaltcolid(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
RETCODE dbaltlen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
int dbaltop(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
int dbalttype(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
RETCODE dbaltutype(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int column);
RETCODE dbanullbind(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int computeid, int column, DBINT *indicator);
RETCODE dbbind(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column, int vartype, DBINT varlen, BYTE *varaddr);
RETCODE dbbind_ps(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int column, int vartype, DBINT varlen, BYTE *varaddr, DBTYPEINFO *typeinfo);
int dbbufsize(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
BYTE *dbbylist(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid, int *size);
RETCODE dbcancel(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbcanquery(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
char *dbchange(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
DBBOOL dbcharsetconv(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
void dbclose(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
void dbclrbuf(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT n);
RETCODE dbclropt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int option, char *param);
RETCODE dbcmd(DBPROCESS *dbproc, const char *cmdstring);
RETCODE dbcmdrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBCMDROW(x) dbcmdrow((x))
DBBOOL dbcolbrowse(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int colnum);
DBINT dbcollen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
char *dbcolname(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
char *dbcolsource(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int colnum);
int dbcoltype(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
DBTYPEINFO *dbcoltypeinfo(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
DBINT dbcolutype(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int column);
DBINT dbconvert(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int srctype, const BYTE *src, DBINT srclen, int desttype, BYTE *dest, DBINT destlen);
DBINT dbconvert_ps(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int srctype, BYTE *src, DBINT srclen, int desttype, BYTE *dest, DBINT destlen, DBTYPEINFO *typeinfo);
DBINT dbcount(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBCOUNT(x) dbcount((x))
int dbcurcmd(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBCURCMD(x) dbcurcmd((x))
DBINT dbcurrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBCURROW(x) dbcurrow((x))
RETCODE dbcursor(DBCURSOR *hc, DBINT optype, DBINT bufno, BYTE *table, BYTE *values);
RETCODE dbcursorbind(DBCURSOR *hc, int col, int vartype, DBINT varlen, DBINT *poutlen, BYTE *pvaraddr, DBTYPEINFO *typeinfo);
void dbcursorclose(DBCURSOR *hc);
RETCODE dbcursorcolinfo(DBCURSOR *hc, DBINT column, DBCHAR *colname, DBINT *coltype, DBINT *collen, DBINT *usertype);
RETCODE dbcursorfetch(DBCURSOR *hc, DBINT fetchtype, DBINT rownum);
RETCODE dbcursorinfo(DBCURSOR *hc, DBINT *ncols, DBINT *nrows);
DBCURSOR *dbcursoropen(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, BYTE *stmt, SHORT scollopt, SHORT concuropt, USHORT nrows, DBINT *pstatus);
BYTE *dbdata(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
int dbdate4cmp(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBDATETIME4 *d1, DBDATETIME4 *d2);
RETCODE dbdate4zero(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBDATETIME4 *d1);
RETCODE dbdatechar(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *buf, int datepart, int value);
RETCODE dbdatecrack(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBDATEREC *di, DBDATETIME *dt);
int dbdatename(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *buf, int date, DBDATETIME *datetime);
char *dateorder(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *language);
DBINT dbdatepart(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int datepart, DBDATETIME *datetime);
RETCODE dbdatezero(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBDATETIME *d1);
DBINT dbdatlen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
char *dbdayname(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *language, int daynum);
DBBOOL dbdead(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBDEAD(x) dbdead((x))
EHANDLEFUNC dberrhandle(EHANDLEFUNC handler);
void dbexit(void);
RETCODE dbfcmd(DBPROCESS *dbproc, const char *fmt, ...);
DBINT dbfirstrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBFIRSTROW(x) dbfirstrow((x))
RETCODE dbfree_xlate(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBXLATE *xlt_tosrv, DBXLATE *clt_todisp);
void dbfreebuf(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
void dbfreequal(char *qualptr);
RETCODE dbfreesort(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBSORTORDER *sortorder);
char *dbgetchar(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int n);
char *dbgetcharset(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
RETCODE dbgetloginfo(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBLOGINFO **loginfo);
int dbgetlusername(LOGINREC *login, BYTE *name_buffer, int buffer_len);
int dbgetmaxprocs(void);
char *dbgetnatlanf(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
int dbgetoff(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBUSMALLINT offtype, int startfrom);
int dbgetpacket(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbgetrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT row);
int DBGETTIME(void);
BYTE *dbgetuserdata(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
DBBOOL dbhasretstat(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbinit(void);
int dbiordesc(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBIORDESC(x) dbiordesc((x))
int dbiowdesc(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBIOWDESC(x) dbiowdesc((x))
DBBOOL dbisavail(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
#define DBISAVAIL(x) dbisavail((x))
DBBOOL dbisopt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int option, char *param);
DBINT dblastrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBLASTROW(x) dblastrow((x))
RETCODE dbload_xlate(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *srv_charset, char *clt_name, DBXLATE **xlt_tosrv, DBXLATE **xlt_todisp);
DBSORTORDER *dbloadsort(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
LOGINREC *dblogin(void);
void dbloginfree(LOGINREC *login);
RETCODE dbmny4add(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *m1, DBMONEY4 *m2, DBMONEY4 *sum);
int dbmny4cmp(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *m1, DBMONEY4 *m2);
RETCODE dbmny4copy(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBMONEY4 *m1, DBMONEY4 *m2);
RETCODE dbmny4divide(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *m1, DBMONEY4 *m2, DBMONEY4 *quotient);
RETCODE dbmny4minus(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *src, DBMONEY4 *dest);
RETCODE dbmny4mul(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *m1, DBMONEY4 *m2, DBMONEY4 *prod);
RETCODE dbmny4sub(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *m1, DBMONEY4 *m2, DBMONEY4 *diff);
RETCODE dbmny4zero(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY4 *dest);
RETCODE dbmnyadd(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *m1, DBMONEY *m2, DBMONEY *sum);
int dbmnycmp(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *m1, DBMONEY *m2);
RETCODE dbmnycopy(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *src, DBMONEY *dest);
RETCODE dbmnydec(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *mnyptr);
RETCODE dbmnydivide(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *m1, DBMONEY *m2, DBMONEY *quotient);
RETCODE dbmnydown(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *mnyptr, int divisor, int *remainder);
RETCODE dbmnyinc(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *mnyptr);
RETCODE dbmnyinit(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *mnyptr, int trim, DBBOOL *negative);
RETCODE dbmnymaxneg(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *dest);
RETCODE dbmnyndigit(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *mnyptr, DBCHAR *value, DBBOOL *zero);
RETCODE dbmnymaxpos(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *dest);
RETCODE dbmnyminus(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *src, DBMONEY *dest);
RETCODE dbmnymul(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *m1, DBMONEY *m2, DBMONEY *prod);
RETCODE dbmnydigit(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBMONEY *m1, DBCHAR *value, DBBOOL *zero);
RETCODE dbmnyscale(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *dest, int multiplier, int addend);
RETCODE dbmnysub(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *m1, DBMONEY *m2, DBMONEY *diff);
RETCODE dbmnyzero(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBMONEY *dest);
const char *dbmonthname(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *language, int monthnum, DBBOOL shortform);
RETCODE dbmorecmds(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBMORECMDS(x) dbmorecmds((x))
RETCODE dbmoretext(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT size, BYTE *text);
MHANDLEFUNC dbmsghandle(MHANDLEFUNC handler);
char *dbname(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbnextrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbnpcreate(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
RETCODE dbnpdefine(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBCHAR *procedure_name, DBSMALLINT namelen);
RETCODE dbnullbind(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column, DBINT *indicator);
int dbnumalts(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int computeid);
int dbnumcols(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
int dbnumcompute(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
int dbnumrets(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
DBPROCESS *tdsdbopen(LOGINREC *login, char *server);
DBPROCESS *dbopen(LOGINREC *login, char *server);
#define   dbopen(x,y) tdsdbopen((x),(y))
int dbordercol(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int order);
RETCODE dbpoll(DBPROCESS *dbproc, long milliseconds, DBPROCESS **ready_dbproc, int *return_reason);
void dbprhead(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbprrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
const char *dbprtype(int token);
char *dbqual(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int tabnum, char *tabname);
DBINT dbreadpage(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *p_dbname, DBINT pageno, BYTE *buf);
STATUS dbreadtext(DBPROCESS *dbproc, void *buf, DBINT bufsize);
void dbrecftos(char *filename);
RETCODE dbrecvpassthru(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBVOIDPTR *bufp);
RETCODE dbregdrop(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBCHAR *procnm, DBSMALLINT namelen);
RETCODE dbregexec(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBUSMALLINT options);
RETCODE dbreghandle(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBCHAR *procnm, DBSMALLINT namelen, INTFUNCPTR handler);
RETCODE dbreginit(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBCHAR *procedure_name, DBSMALLINT namelen);
RETCODE dbreglist(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbregnowatch(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBCHAR *procnm, DBSMALLINT namelen);
RETCODE dbregparam(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *param_name, int type, DBINT datalen, BYTE *data);
RETCODE dbregwatch(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBCHAR *procnm, DBSMALLINT namelen, DBUSMALLINT options);
RETCODE dbregwatchlist(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
RETCODE dbresults(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbresults_r(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int recursive);
BYTE *dbretdata(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int retnum);
int dbretlen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int retnum);
char *dbretname(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int retnum);
DBINT dbretstatus(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
int dbrettype(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int retnum);
RETCODE dbrows(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
#define DBROWS(x) dbrows((x))
STATUS dbrowtype(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
#define DBROWTYPE(x) dbrowtype((x))
RETCODE dbrpcinit(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *rpcname, DBSMALLINT options);
RETCODE dbrpcparam(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *paramname, BYTE status, int type, DBINT maxlen, DBINT datalen, BYTE *value);
RETCODE dbrpcsend(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
void dbrpwclr(LOGINREC *login);
RETCODE dbrpwset(LOGINREC *login, char *srvname, char *password, int pwlen);
RETCODE dbsafestr(DBPROCESS *dbproc, const char *src, DBINT srclen, char *dest, DBINT destlen, int quotetype);
RETCODE *dbsechandle(DBINT type, INTFUNCPTR handler);
RETCODE dbsendpassthru(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBVOIDPTR bufp);
char *dbservcharset(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
void dbsetavail(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
void dbsetbusy(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DB_DBBUSY_FUNC busyfunc);
RETCODE dbsetdefcharset(char *charset);
RETCODE dbsetdeflang(char *language);
void dbsetidle(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DB_DBIDLE_FUNC idlefunc);
void dbsetifile(char *filename);
void dbsetinterrupt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DB_DBCHKINTR_FUNC ckintr, DB_DBHNDLINTR_FUNC hndlintr);
RETCODE dbsetloginfo(LOGINREC *loginrec, DBLOGINFO *loginfo);
RETCODE dbsetlogintime(int seconds);
RETCODE dbsetmaxprocs(int maxprocs);
RETCODE dbsetnull(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int bindtype, int bindlen, BYTE *bindval);
RETCODE dbsetopt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int option, const char *char_param, int int_param);
STATUS dbsetrow(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBINT row);
RETCODE dbsettime(int seconds);
void dbsetuserdata(DBPROCESS *dbproc, BYTE *ptr);
RETCODE dbsetversion(DBINT version);
      /* we don't define a version per login; we set the global default instead */
#define DBSETLVERSION(login, version) dbsetversion((version))
int dbspid(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbspr1row(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *buffer, DBINT buf_len);
DBINT dbspr1rowlen(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbsprhead(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *buffer, DBINT buf_len);
RETCODE dbsprline(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *buffer, DBINT buf_len, DBCHAR line_char);
RETCODE dbsqlexec(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbsqlok(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE dbsqlsend(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
int dbstrbuild(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *charbuf, int bufsize, char *text, char *formats, ...);
int dbstrcmp(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *s1, int l1, char *s2, int l2, DBSORTORDER *sort);
RETCODE dbstrcpy(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int start, int numbytes, char *dest);
int dbstrlen(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
int dbstrsort(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *s1, int l1, char *s2, int l2, DBSORTORDER *sort);
DBBOOL dbtabbrowse(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int tabnum);
int dbtabcount(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
char *dbtabname(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int tabnum);
char *dbtabsoruce(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int colnum, int *tabnum);
DBINT dbvarylen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);

#define SYBEMEM         20010 /* Unable to allocate sufficient memory. */
#define SYBESMSG        20018   
#define SYBERPND        20019  
#define SYBETIME        20003   /* SQL Server connection timed out. */
#define SYBEABNC  20032 /* Attempt to bind to a non-existent column. */
#define SYBENSIP  20045 /* Negative starting index passed to dbstrcpy(). */
#define SYBECOFL  20049 /* Data-conversion resulted in overflow. */
#define SYBECSYN  20050 /* Attempt to convert data stopped by syntax error in source field. */
#define SYBERDCN  20053 /* Requested data-conversion does not exist. */
#define SYBECLOS        20056   /* Error in closing network connection. */

#define SYBETTS          20066
#define SYBEBDIO         20063
#define SYBEBCVH         20083
#define SYBEBIVI         20080
#define SYBEBCBC         20081
#define SYBEBCFO         20082
#define SYBEBCPB         20078
#define SYBEBCPN         20077
#define SYBEBCPI         20076
#define SYBEBCITBNM      20238
#define SYBEBCITBLEN     20239
#define SYBEBCBNPR       20230
#define SYBEBCBPREF      20236
#define SYBEVDPT         20079
#define SYBEUNOP   20115      /* Unknown option passed to dbsetopt(). */
#define SYBESPID   20154      /* Called dbspid() with a NULL dbproc. */
#define SYBEBNUM   20214      /* Bad numbytes parameter passed to dbstrcpy(). */
#define SYBEBCPCTYP      20233
#define SYBEBCHLEN       20235
#define SYBEBCPREF       20237
#define SYBEBCVLEN       20234
#define SYBEBCUO         20084
#define SYBEBUOE         20097      /* FIXME: I made up this number (not the name). jkl */
#define SYBEBUOF         20098
#define SYBEBUDF         20102
#define SYBEBIHC         20103
#define SYBEBCUC         20085
#define SYBEBUCE         20096      /* FIXME: I made up this number (not the name). jkl */
#define SYBEBUCF         20099
#define SYBEIFNB         20065
#define SYBEBCRE         20070
#define SYBEBCNN         20073
#define SYBEBBCI         20068

int dbtds(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
#define DBTDS(a)                dbtds(a)
DBINT dbtextsize(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
int dbtsnewlen(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
DBBINARY *dbtsnewval(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
RETCODE dbtsput(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBBINARY *newts, int newtslen, int tabnum, char *tabname);
DBBINARY *dbtxptr(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
DBBINARY *dbtxtimestamp(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int column);
DBBINARY *dbtxtsnewval(DBPROCESS *dbprocess);
RETCODE dbtxtsput(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, DBBINARY newtxts, int colnum);
RETCODE dbuse(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *name);
DBBOOL dbcarylen(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, int column);
const char *dbversion(void);
DBBOOL dbwillconvert(int srctype, int desttype);
RETCODE dbwritepage(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *p_dbname, DBINT pageno, DBINT size, BYTE *buf);
RETCODE dbwritetext(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *objname, DBBINARY *textptr, DBTINYINT textptrlen, DBBINARY *timestamp, DBBOOL log, DBINT size, BYTE *text);
int dbxlate(DBPROCESS *dbprocess, char *src, int srclen, char *dest, int destlen, DBXLATE *xlt, int *srcbytes_used, DBBOOL srcend, int status);

/* LOGINREC manipulation */
RETCODE dbsetlname(LOGINREC *login, const char *value, int which);
RETCODE dbsetlbool(LOGINREC *login, int value, int which);
RETCODE dbsetlshort(LOGINREC *login, int value, int which);
RETCODE dbsetllong(LOGINREC* login, long value, int which);
#define DBSETHOST       1
#define DBSETLHOST(x,y)       dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETHOST)
#define DBSETUSER       2
#define DBSETLUSER(x,y)       dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETUSER)
#define DBSETPWD        3
#define DBSETLPWD(x,y)        dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETPWD)
#define DBSETHID        4 /* not implemented */
#define DBSETLHID(x,y)        dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETHID)
#define DBSETAPP        5
#define DBSETLAPP(x,y)        dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETAPP)
#define DBSETBCP        6
#define BCP_SETL(x,y)         dbsetlbool((x), (y), DBSETBCP)
#define DBSETNATLANG          7
#define DBSETLNATLANG(x,y)    dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETNATLANG)
#define DBSETNOSHORT          8 /* not implemented */
#define DBSETLNOSHORT(x,y)    dbsetlbool((x), (y), DBSETNOSHORT)
#define DBSETHIER       9 /* not implemented */
#define DBSETLHIER(x,y)       dbsetlshort((x), (y), DBSETHIER)
#define DBSETCHARSET          10
#define DBSETLCHARSET(x,y)    dbsetlname((x), (y), DBSETCHARSET)
#define DBSETPACKET           11
#define DBSETLPACKET(x,y)     dbsetllong((x), (y), DBSETPACKET)
#define DBSETENCRYPT          12
#define DBSETLENCRYPT(x,y)    dbsetlbool((x), (y), DBSETENCRYPT)
#define DBSETLABELED          13
#define DBSETLLABELED(x,y)    dbsetlbool((x), (y), DBSETLABELED)
#define BCP_SETLABELED(x,y)   dbsetlbool((x), (y), DBSETLABELED)

RETCODE bcp_init(DBPROCESS *dbproc, const char *tblname, const char *hfile, const char *errfile, int direction);
RETCODE bcp_done(DBPROCESS *dbproc);

RETCODE bcp_batch(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE bcp_bind(DBPROCESS *dbproc, BYTE *varaddr, int prefixlen, DBINT varlen, BYTE *terminator, int termlen, int type, int table_column);
RETCODE bcp_collen(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT varlen, int table_column);
RETCODE bcp_columns(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int host_colcount);
RETCODE bcp_colfmt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int host_column, int host_type, int host_prefixlen, DBINT host_collen, const BYTE *host_term, int host_termlen, int colnum);
RETCODE bcp_colfmt_ps(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int host_column, int host_type, int host_prefixlen, DBINT host_collen, BYTE *host_term, int host_termlen, int colnum, DBTYPEINFO *typeinfo);
RETCODE bcp_colptr(DBPROCESS *dbproc, BYTE *colptr, int table_column);
RETCODE bcp_control(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int field, DBINT value);
RETCODE bcp_exec(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT *rows_copied);
DBBOOL  bcp_getl(LOGINREC *login);
RETCODE bcp_moretext(DBPROCESS *dbproc, DBINT size, BYTE *text);
RETCODE bcp_options(DBPROCESS *dbproc, int option, BYTE *value, int valuelen);
RETCODE bcp_readfmt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *filename);
RETCODE bcp_sendrow(DBPROCESS *dbproc);
RETCODE bcp_writefmt(DBPROCESS *dbproc, char *filename);

void build_xact_string(char *xact_name, char *service_name, DBINT commid, char *result);
RETCODE remove_xact(DBPROCESS *connect, DBINT commid, int n);
RETCODE abort_xact(DBPROCESS *connect, DBINT commid);
void close_commit(DBPROCESS *connect);
RETCODE commit_xact(DBPROCESS *connect, DBINT commid);
DBPROCESS *open_commit(LOGINREC *login, char *servername);
RETCODE scan_xact(DBPROCESS *connect, DBINT commid);
DBINT start_xact(DBPROCESS *connect, char *application_name, char *xact_name, int site_count);
DBINT stat_xact(DBPROCESS *connect, DBINT commid);

#ifdef __cplusplus
#if 0


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