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char* tds_get_homedir ( void   ) 

Get user home directory

home directory or NULL if error. Should be freed with free

Definition at line 220 of file threadsafe.c.

References tds_get_homedir().

Referenced by tds_get_homedir().

/* if is available getpwuid_r use it */
#if defined(HAVE_GETUID) && defined(HAVE_GETPWUID_R)
      struct passwd *pw, bpw;
      char buf[1024];

      if (getpwuid_r(getuid(), &bpw, buf, sizeof(buf), &pw))
            return NULL;
#else /* !HAVE_FUNC_GETPWUID_R_5 */
      if (!(pw = getpwuid_r(getuid(), &bpw, buf, sizeof(buf))))
            return NULL;
#else /* !HAVE_FUNC_GETPWUID_R_4_PW */
      if (getpwuid_r(getuid(), &bpw, buf, sizeof(buf)))
            return NULL;
      pw = &bpw;
#endif /* HAVE_FUNC_GETPWUID_R_4_PW */
#endif /* HAVE_FUNC_GETPWUID_R_5 */
      return strdup(pw->pw_dir);
/* if getpwuid is available use it for no reentrant (getpwuid is not reentrant) */
#if defined(HAVE_GETUID) && defined(HAVE_GETPWUID) && !defined(_REENTRANT)
      struct passwd *pw;

      pw = getpwuid(getuid());
      if (!pw)
            return NULL;
      return strdup(pw->pw_dir);
      char *home;

      home = getenv("HOME");
      if (!home || !home[0])
            return NULL;
      return strdup(home);

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